Mugshot Parade

Que gacho, Nacho.

I guess there was a police crackdown on DUI offenders a few days ago.  And while that is nothing new or out of the ordinary, the publicizing of all 50+ mugshots was something that I don't remember seeing.


Now, the LMT has a link (click here) of all mugshots and you can even "LIKE" them on Facebook and share them with your friends as well as comment on them.


One thing I noticed too was how some photos have a "Counter" to see how many people enlarge a particular pic.  Ms. Lauren Reyes (see the pic above) is leading the ladies while on the upper left hand corner, Mr. Roel Ramirez is leading the men.  Naturally some folks have "0" hits.  I dare not speculate as to why that is, though.  I'll let you be the judge.

***Update:  Apparently one of the accused was Mr. TAMIU, a ceremonial position for a member of the school's student body.  He resigned yesterday.


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