Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Football Coming

 The dog days of summer are coming to a close and the faint whiff of the Fall is upon the great city of Laredo.  For residents of this Metropolis, the fall means another year hoping that the Dallas Cowboys fare a bit better than the year before.  Your faithful narrator was a young little blogger the last time the Pokes were any semblance of a threat to the NFL hierarchy.  And these last few years the Laredo faithful have remained a bit disenchanted with the activities in North Texas.

But, don't be dismayed.  As you walk or drive through the barrios of Laredo, you'll notice that the carne asadas will be going strong--if not stronger--now that the NFL preseason has started in earnest.  Don't worry about the Cowboys' last miserable preseason game against the Cardinals because Jerry Jones says there is nothing to worry about.  So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, paint your casas blue and draw a Cowboys star on the sidewalk.  It's the Laredo way.

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