Wednesday, August 7, 2013

TV Reality

The DeLaredo crew was sitting around watching TV, desperately trying to stave off the typical August heat, when someone mentioned that The National Geographic Channel was airing an episode of "Border Wars."

Of course, ever since the end of the Al Roker inspired Bordertown: Laredo on A&E the city has been in a funk, unable to find itself without a reality show demonstrating the power of law enforcement in this fair city.

Well, fear and funk no more, "Border Wars" had a little bit of Laredo this morning.

By the time I broke out the camera, the end of the show was near.  But there are still a few riveting highlights of football.  In this case, it is the Border Patrol vs. Customs and people turned out in droves (allegedly).  So view for yourself and see if you can spot someone you know.

In my humble opinion, Knute Rockne would be proud.

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