Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eddie Macon runs to Netflix

One of the favorite movies from local bloggers has appeared on instant viewing for Netflix. Eddie Macon's Run, from 1983, is every local filmmakers wet dream, including yours truly. It has big Hollywood stars and more importantly, several scenes from the movie where filmed here in Laredo! Pretty neat. I imagine the local hoopla back in 1983 over this movie was akin to the hoopla over the much hyped Bordertown TV show. I was not around here in 1983, so maybe KeyRose or some of the other elder statesmen can enlighten us on that topic.

The official US DVD release is hard-to-find and it seems to be OOP, nonetheless, the Netflix version has a top-notch picture.

For those of you without Netflix access, it can also be rented on Amazon for three dollars.


Anonymous said...

went to a mud racing event when john schneider showed up. too funny. i bet he was like what the hell?!

Anonymous said...

I remember my Dad coming home with John Schneiders autograph on a napkin. My dad was at a bar when he showed up. Wow Dad I miss you

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