Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LaredoBuzz Coupon

I ran across some coupons/ads that look like they were compiled by a local website by the name of LaredoBuzz. Most of the coupons aren't really all that special. For example, on one you have to buy three tacos to get half off for the drink. Whoopee. But one of the coupons is actually pretty good and it caught my attention.

The coupon is from Perla's Snack Drive thru, a local south side place. It reads:

Totally Free Mexican Hotdog. No purchase necessary.

Sweet! Needless to say, I live around the area and we have already hit the place up for 5 free hot dogs. Jaja. Yes I'm a freeloader and I love me my coupons. During these times of economic distress, anything helps. Thanks Perla!!!


rick78 said...

No shame in that bro go for it !

Bands said...

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