Friday, September 23, 2011

La Carreta Bakery

Last Sunday, I was out and about, roaming the streets of Laredo when I stumbled upon "La Carreta" Bakery, over by Sanbernardo. Not being one to pass up good pan dulce, I entered the doors to this palace of pan and was immediately delighted by the smell of pleasant pastries.

What happened to the TortaMex?
While I am on a low-carb diet, I was too weak to resist the pan dulce temptation and I succumbed to the my past sins of conchas and cuernitos.

So many sweet choices

Choralas para tu pan, I like it

Cuernitos ricos, conchitas suaves
The Hand does Carreta Bakery

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Big O said...

Boy, Danny's has their hand in everything!

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