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A-Rod: The Stud and the Dud

DeLaredo is pleased to announce the arrival of our very own sports columnist, Eddie Light. You can look forward to reading his weekly sports columns where he will share his take on the sports world as seen through his espn-ish eyes. His very first entry can be read below.

A-Rod: The Stud and the Dud

It is easy for the casual observer to see what outstanding accomplishments A-Rod has attained on the baseball field. The youngest player in baseball history to reach the 500 homeruns, 12 time All-Star, 3 time MVP, 2 time Gold Glove winner and is widely considered the best all around player in the Majors. Despite all of these accomplishments A Rod has had his struggles. Mainly mental struggles that have caused him to seek professional therapy, added to his marriage problems that ended up causing him to divorce his wife and mother of his 2 children.

Although most notably for the sports fan is his psychological struggles that have been the most prevalent, especially in the MLB post season. A Rod the stud, in years past, would quickly turn into the dud once the playoffs came around, but not this postseason. A Rod has been crushing the ball as well as his critics. In a mere 9 post season games he has 5 home runs, 12 RBI’s, Has scored 10 runs, 2 Doubles and batting for a whopping .438 batting average. It appears that A Rod has finally overcome his postseason demons and appears to be “Jordanesque” at the plate and on the field, in other words the man is unstoppable.

The post season sleeping giant has awoken and found himself in his first World Series of his career. Having conquered his October Blues, nothing seems to be able prevent this once in a generation super star from breaking the all time home run record, being in the MLB hall of fame and winning his elusive World Series championship. History will look back upon this phenomenal athlete as the greatest baseball player to ever play the game and nothing, not even the insignificant steroid scandal, will tarnish his legacy. So tune this World Series, so you can mesmerize your grand children with stories of watching the great Alex Rodriguez play baseball.

By Eduardo Light

(Editor's note: I'm full aware that A-rod is a Yankee now, but there is no way I would ever put up on my blog, anyone wearing a Yankee uniform. Go Rangers!)


Maricon said…
Seriously, who gives a shit. A-Rod is one of the great cocksmen of his generation. Talk about the hot bitches he hangs out with. Otherwise, there's ESPN for run of the mill sports commentary.
rick78 said…
It does not really matter about his stats was him or the roids?
Anonymous said…
Great way to idolize a drug fueled sex-addict. With idols like him, we should all start doing gay poses in front of a mirror.
maricon said…
Click on my name. A-rod is a homo and didn't do shit last night.
I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog .I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs
Actually i don't know who shit last night because i was not there seriously..:)

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