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Miles Austin: The Simple Man

DeLaredo Sports Columnist: Eduardo "Sam Adams" Light

Miles Austin: The Simple Man

The savior is here cheered the adoring crowds, the savior is here! Terrell Owens is a Dallas Cowboy! The missing piece of the Super Bowl puzzle is complete cried the crowds! As the press conference unveiled, next to Jerry Jones sat a man that would make Adonis himself envious, a freaky specimen of a man that would surely take the Boys back to the Promised Land. The season came and as Adonis stood on the sidelines, he sure did look good in his uniform and he sounded smooth and debonair when talking to the quote hungry media. A fan pleaser he surely was, well at least off the field that is. Once the games started, the controversy that followed him around the league was not far behind. Just throw me the ball Adonis would whine, but when they threw him the ball, he would drop it! So many times he dropped the ball that he actually led the entire league in dropped passes. Despite paying millions of dollars for his butter fingers Adonis, Jerry Jones stood behind him until he became so much of a big scene annoyance and distraction that it could no longer be ignored. So off Adonis went to put on a good show for his new popcorn eating mind numbed audience.

Enter Miles Austin, the simple man’s man.

A player that went undrafted in the 2006 NFL draft, from a small unknown to the BCS college of Monmouth. A simple man in the shadows of the Adonis show for 3 years, so much in the shadows that even after the exit stage right from Adonis, Austin was still only the #3 wide receiver on the team, in other words he was still riding the bench. It was not until an injury to the supposed Adonis replacement of Roy Williams and the disappointing performance from Crayton that Austin finally got his opportunity to shine and man did he ever shine! In his first opportunity in Kansas City he absolutely torched the KC defense for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns (including the game winning TD). Austin immediately broke the single game Cowboys record for receiving yards. He broke Bob Hayes old record of 246 yards set in 1966 against the Washington Redskins. “One game fluke” people screamed, “One game fluke!” Austin immediately shut up his vicious critics when he annihilated the Falcons defense the very following game for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns. Beyond these crazy stats he is putting up, is the manner in which he is doing it in. He is showing steady hands, playing extremely physical after catching the ball and showing blinding speed. In other words catch him if you can defense and if you happen to be fortunate enough to catch him, good luck tackling the man. Additionally, Austin is a team player; he paid his dues to climb up to the starting position and has a likable personality in a team that has looked harmonious for the first time in many years. The team is looking so in tune that Tony Romo and Miles Austin are clicking on and off the field like Romo and Adonis never did, leading me to say Terrell who?


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Play-More (and other Urban Legends)

I have a friend who swears on his 1988 Fleer baseball card set, that way back, sometime in the mid 80s, there existed something called the Play-more. According to his vivid imagination, the Playmore was a cross between Putt-Putt golf and Disney's Epcott Center. Every time he starts to rant about how good things were in the 80s in Laredo (minus the unpaved streets), his eyes light up and a goofy smile fills his face (a goofier smile than usual).

Go carts, arcades, a skating rink, a movie theater, according to my buddy, this place was Laredo's version of Astroworld. However, apparently, you have to be over 33 to remember this lost haven of yesteryear. I only arrived in 1992 to Laredo, years after this place apparently vanished. So if anyone out there remembers this place, drop by and leave some comments. Pictures of this lost city would be great appreciated. I think its just a crazy sugar induced illusion that my buddy concocted in between his imaginary friends.

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The Laredo Morning Times seems to want a little web traffic on their ol' web page.  At least that's what I think when the arrest of a local "beauty queen" made it to the front page.  Oh, it was not on page 4-5, where the local arrests are usually noted, but on the top right hand corner.

A few months ago the local organ of publicity started publishing weekly mugshots on their webpage.  Generally speaking their more attractive women usually garner the most "web hits."  So, once Ms. Prieto-Falcon's mugshot (seen above) makes it to the album, I expect a new record.

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