Monday, December 14, 2009

Iglesia Bautista, Nueva Vida

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a church that I spotted over by Malinche and Guadalupe, behind la pulga. The church, Pare de Sufrir, has faced all sorts of criticism and has been called everything from 'charlatans' to outright 'liars and heretics' by other, more conservative groups (read a quick article here, in Spanish).

I had meant to visit this particular church, just out of sheer curiosity, but I thought twice about it after reading some articles on this particular religious group, labeling them a 'dangerous sect'. They belong to a larger group that calls itself, La Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios, and are based out of Brazil. The more I began to read on this group, the more interested I became in visiting their temple and seeing first hand, just what they are all about.

Now, I believe myself to be a 'freethinker' and I think I have a 'to each his own' mentality. I'm not trying to knock this particular group. I am, however, intrigued, by their infomercials and commercialism. So, I hope to be able to witness one of their 'services' soon.

Across the street from Pare de Sufrir Church, is another church, with a different set of beliefs altogether: La Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida en Jesus. Its located on Corpus Christi and down the block from the competitive, Pare de Sufrir. I've never been in this one either, but maybe soon I'll get a chance to visit. Maybe they have free sweetbread after service?? I'll keep you posted.


rick78 said...

All are man made religions your faith is what guides and saves you.

Anonymous said...

I attend neuva vida and I can asure you we do not have sweetbread after service, or do we!!!The word of God can be concidered sweetbread to some people. It is to me any way, I hope some day to see you there, not just to recieve sweetbread but to recieve the Lord into your heart. May God Bless you

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