I stumbled upon El Manana's blog, and even though it has lots of shortcomings, I guess its better than not having an online newspaper at all. The blog does leave a lot to be desired, but as El Manana editors state on their site, the blog is "still a work in progress and although we try to bring the latest breaking news from our local frontier, and around the global, we are still working out a few bugs."

I guess then, that I will remain patiently waiting for those bugs to get creased out, as LMT abandoned their online format months ago, and are now on a pay basis only for local articles. In the mean time, I will try to put up with Nuevo Laredo's English version blog. Seems that they are trying to fill that niche of readers that LMT lost when they went to pay-only format. There are a lot of us out there, that are looking for Laredo news online. Maybe in the future, LaredoSun will be that source we seek. Until then, I wait.


rick78 said…
At last a newspaper reporting the real news regardless who gets offended .
Anonymous said…
Do you still have the section where a person could post a message?
Norman, Oklahoma
Former Laredoan
Anonymous said…
Laredo Sun has gotten better recently. I hope we can depend on it more.

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