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The Hand goes to the Broncos' game

    Several days ago, due to the renewed interest in Broncos' baseball, I went down and experienced a game a the ol' ballpark. I will provide you proof and pictures, mostly of my hand at said event. For the first installment, I will tell you of my latest trip down to Veteran's Field to watch the Broncos and their newest player, Mr Juice himself, Jose Canseco.

The Hand at Broncos' game

I arrived to the game at the top of the 1st inning and waited in line to buy the tickets to the biggest sporting event that Laredo has seen in quite a while. Already, eager fans were filling up the stands with an overflowing anticipation and the Canseco buzz was stirring among the faithful that had gathered to get a glimpse of their childhood hero and one-time MLB superstar.

Tickets, $5.00

     Being the frugal chump that I am, I bought the least expensive tickets available, general admission seating in the nose bleed section and the only place a true fan ever sits. I made my way into the park and up to find my seat, but not before making a stop to purchase a tall,frosty beverage that would quench my thirst in the scorching hot Laredo summer.

The Hand does a Bud at the game
I talk baseball with my companion, the only person I was able to con into going with me, when out of the corner of my eye a wickedly hit foul ball is hurling at me at the speed of light and my instantaneous reaction is to rise up out my seat, stretch out beyond other spectators, and make a one handed glove catch for the ages, much to the delight of the amazed crowd that begins to cheer the unanticipated catch.

I was glad I took a glove. I had never caught I foul ball before. It was actually kinda cool.

The foul ball I caught

Unfortunately, Jose Canseco went 0 for 3 in the time that I was at the game. I did have to leave early, so I did not stay until the end to get an autograph from the former Bash Brother. His T-shirts and other memorabilia were selling quite well, and the turn-out at the park was rather impressive. Canseco was cheered loudly every time he went up to the plate and his massive frame still impresses the ladies, including my companion, who wanted to get a closer  view of his bulk before I spoke some sense into her.

Jose Canseco in the Bronco's dugout

In all sincerity, seeing Canseco play in person was a pretty cool event. The ten year old inside me was having a sweet blast and I could not help but search the field for Mark McGwire or Rickey Henderson and the other Oakland A's of 1989. That was a rad year.

However, as I finished my second Bud and as the fifth inning came to a close, a disturbing memory blasted back into my soul and I remembered why I have such a deep hatred and resentment toward Jose Canseco and his baseball-head bouncing ways. The foul memory opened a deep wound in heart that I believed, errenously,  had been healed. That, however, was not the case.

In the next week, you can read about said event in my life. Hopefully, I can bring myself to write about it. It just might be therapeutical.


JUAN said…
Hurling at the speed of light? You need some work on that. Other than that, nice arm pick. Almost looked like dirty Sanchez's hand from bang bros. Lol. Keep em coming my friend.
Cindy said…
Great post...I recognize that HAIRY arm anywhere! I wanna know about the wound...
lusy said…
wow, now i want to go see a game, screw jury duty, just kidding, looking forward to hearing more like juan said "keep em coming my friend"
DeLaredo said…
Juan: Dirty Sanchez makes me blush.
Cindy, leave my hairy arms (pits) alone. The wound story is coming soon. Lusy: jury duty is for nerds. Go with me to game mejor. I'll let you buy me a hot dog and a beer. That's how I roll.
JUAN said…
Nice glove friend. Looks a tad small on your hand though. If it doesn't fit, you must acquit!
DeLaredo said…
"Juan", I had no idea you were on the OJ jury. No wonder he got off free. BTW, the glove itself was a 'Jose Canseco' glove. It had his name printed on the inside of it. Sweet.
BT Blues said…
You know, I had a friend in college who used to shave his forearms because he thought they were too hairy.
Que Fregados said…
waxing ... it's the way to go.
rick78 said…
Did you drop your beer when catching the ball? If not you are a darn good baseball player !
lusy said…
you know de laredo,if i could ditch jury duty i would, i don't think you'll bail me out though,so i have to be a nerd and go, rain check on the hotdog and beer

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