Monday, July 4, 2011

West Express Closes

Some days are just death to your heart.  They splatter your soul over the scorching concrete with the hatred of a thousand Confederate soldiers.

 I lived through one such day just several days ago when I learned that my personal Mecca of movie mayhem, West Coast Video, had officially shut down its doors after more than two decades of proudly serving Laredo. With the advent of Netflix, Redbox and rampant pirated dvds, it was only a matter of time before most video stores were forced to shut down due to dwindling traffic and business. Locally,
both Movie Palace and Hollywood Video closed down several years ago, and now with the passing of another video great, only Blockbuster and the automated Video-Matic are left standing.

Throughout the 90s, West Express Video was my second home.  It was a place where I could aimlessly wander the aisles for an hour on Friday nights in a futile attempt to choose between the latest Wesley Snipes action flick or the absurd acting found in a Stevan Segal film.  Other than my other main temple, Movie Palace Video, West Express was my go to place to rent the latest comedy releases or choose from their extensive selection of 70s slasher horror.

The best thing about West Express is that for a long time they were located adjacent to the Mr. Donuts/Dunkin Donuts on Guadalupe. How closer to heaven could it have been?

 It was the perfect combination: videos and donuts. Many times, my brother and I went down and bought us a dozen donuts and rented several flicks to enjoy at home. The 90s were a great time and West Express Video was the perfect spot to rent a good time or two.

Now, I ‘m saddened to see it go the way of the VHS. Nonetheless, thanks for the memories, West Express Video. It's just too bad we can't rewind the years.


KeyRose said...

I feel your pain, man. Bit by bit, pieces of our past disappear. How I would love to play Galaga, Defender, or Donkey Kong at the Silver Coin.

Actually, back in the 80s, there used to be an arcade next to the West Express. My brother and I would frequent the joint, even though we didn't live anywhere near the area.

DeLaredo said...

An arcade next to the West Express? I didn't know that. I didn't come in contact with this place till 92'. Thanks for the info Keyrose. Arcades used to gobble up my quarters too.

BT Blues said...


It closed. So sad. So sad.


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