Puro *inche oldschool

Some people just say it like it is. They have no time or desire to sugar-coat the truth. The guy in this picture fits that description perfectly. He's a ruco old-school and they ain't no denying it.

My prima sent me this pic several days ago. According to her, she saw this man at a local eatery and had to snap a a picture of him, no doubt thinking of the raw beauty that old school has.

Nonetheless, "Old-school" is great, but "Puro Pinche Old-school", wow that is golden.


Que Fregados said…
Hilarious! I need one of those shirts.
BT Blues said…
So, is this blog, "Puro *inche Old School Blogging" too?

You know, before everyone got into the act with their blogs?
DeLaredo said…
I am an old school blogger. Hey BT, where did your blog go??
Anonymous said…
too funny, got love it.

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