Wednesday, August 17, 2011

El Pipiripau Song

"Yyyyyy yo soy el Pipiripau!" Those lyrics bring back a flood of memories of life once upon a time. Los Plebeyos' original song, which has been covered too many times to mention (there are even various versions on iTunes now), was a staple for many a young, adolescent male coming of age in Laredo many years ago.

Oh, it was not quite a John Hughes flick, but you get the idea.

The guys I went to high school with popped the mixed tape in (yup, that's how long ago) and the song came blaring on through the loudspeakers. Yes, the same loudspeakers purchased at the downtown store, Liverpool, and enclosed in "custom" made wooden boxes. The gist of the song (caritas kind of implies it) sort of underscored how we felt about our prowess with members of the opposite sex at the time. Well, at least some of us, if I can be completely honest.

When I was reminiscing about the song, I asked a lady friend of mine is she had heard it. She also grew up in the hood, Los Amores, to be exact. What she said heard the song every time there was a party. No exception. Weddings, quinces, carne asadas. You name it.

Today, the song is on my queue. I will listen to it and eventually move on to something else. But for now, yo soy el pipiripau.


CrisV said...

I like it. Video brings back memories of happier times in Mexico. I wish I can visit soon.

Anonymous said...

We all wish we can go back . . .

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