Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laredo Lemurs

Laredo's upcoming baseball team will feature a Lemur as a mascot.

Honestly, I don't think its a bad mascot or a bad name, but I'm sure that many people reached for their dictionaries when they first heard the news. I'm certain that many people will angrily voice their disapproval and I'm sure the jokes are already beginning to be produced all over the local interweb, but I like it.

Besides, it could have been worse..right?  Go to their official site for more information.


Anonymous said...

Yeah thats a crappy name.....almost as bad as dust devils.

BT Blues said...

Figures you'd like it. It's baseball, no? Ha!

Los Lemurs! Native Laredo Lemurs?

Anonymous said...

Of course you like it, no big surprise. I think it's about as bad as it's gonna get.

Anonymous said...

Here is a possible picture of the mascot.

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