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Laredo Loses out to Encinal? Go Figure.

I've been reading los blogs compadres (check the scrollbar for specifics) and a few of them have mentioned how the adult entertainment is now going to el norte, Encinal and company. Hell, even El Empty had a story a few days ago on these "sinners" and how mom and pop entrepreneurs are building new adult businesses the "right way," so their moms could be proud.

But isn't that typical of our local leaders? Now our beer runs and strippers could leave our fair city? What is this world coming to? Next thing you'll tell me is when I call my Direct TV rep I'm actually talking to someone in India.

In reality, Laredo is a bizarro world of duplicity and hypocrisy. Our local leaders claim to want this city to move forward into the modern era, embracing all that the 21st century has to offer. And, in reality, they remain rooted in the bastion of conservative mumbo-jumbo cowing to the religious masses in public while doing who knows what behind closed doors.

So the gals at Mami Chulas wore lingerie. Big deal. Get over it. There is more skin shown at a Lingerie Football League game or in a rap video than in our southside drive-ins.

Oh, I forgot, its for the children.

Bah-humbug I say.

I have a feeling that Salinas and the rest of the City Council gets their freak on when the cameras aren't rolling. What? You don't believe? Ha! Read about the nation's political leaders--sex, corruption, scandal--so who says its can't happen here in our little burg?

I have a feeling that Mayor Salinas was once a customer for the gals in the Southside Drive Ins. Just a feeling. Just a feeling.


Anonymous said…
"for the children" seems to be the mantra when all else fails in Laredo. Just waiting for the "we must save those poor girls" at Papi Chula's to start...

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