Thursday, August 11, 2011

Late Night Eateries

I went to a local eating establishment a short while back. It's one of my favorite places to go late at night after a hard day's work at a dive bar. I believe many other Laredoans feel the same way about the place too. It's no TKO but you catch my drift, right?

Anywho, I was there and snapped a pic because I was inspired. There was just so much going on I couldn't pinpoint it all in one shot. But I'm sure some of you can.

People of Wal Mart Laredo. . . stand up and shout.


Furniture In Life said...

I love TP but I always knew there was a reason why I only visit during the day...thanks for the answer.

It's also nice to see low self-esteem isn't an issue in the city.

BT Blues said...

Ah, Laredoans have plenty of self-esteem. No doubt about that.

I wish I had the self-confidence to wear the boots like the guys standing behind the nice, young ladies, in the skin-tight dresses though.

Furniture in Life said...

hahaha I totally missed the boots. It's like one of those pictures where you have to point out what's wrong with the scene. In this case, I think everything would b just about right.

Anonymous said...

what did they do? kill a pride of cheetahs? (yes, I know cheetahs are loners)

Anonymous said...

Does this dress make me look fat? Por eso estamos como estamos. Tampiquena y 2 piratas at 4 in the morn.

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