Tuesday, August 9, 2011

State of my Union

There is a scene in one of my favorite films, "Field of Dreams" where the protagonist, Ray Kinsella, examines his life because he senses that he is on the verge of a important change.

"I'm 36 years old, I love my family, I love baseball and I'm about to become a farmer. But until I heard the voice, I'd never done a crazy thing in my whole life."

There is something similar brewing in my life at the moment. I might not be about to become a farmer, and voices no longer whisper in my ear, but I do feel that something is about to give.

I'm 31 years old and I'm about to fall headfirst into another marriage something in the next year. My beautiful daughter is the main joy in my life and I have finally converted her into a baseball fan. It took a while, and I had to battle against the Backyardigans, but Texas Rangers baseball finally came out on top. She now gets home and asks for the final score, and she no longer questions my MLB channel viewing. She likes watching the games with me so much now, that I tried to explain the infield fly rule, but I ended up being confused myself.

On another note, making a short film is harder than I expected. Getting a cast together and having everything mesh takes more work than I anticipated. The most difficult part is that I can only ask for so much from volunteers who have sacrificed their free time to spend it with me as I learn the finer points of filming and editing a short film. Yet, I continue to keep on to my dream of one day finishing my short film. 

The Laredo summer heat sometimes affects my judgement. Don't wag your finger at me in disgust if I sometimes disappoint your expectations for me. I will still continue to post regular updates. I will still struggle to film my short movie and I don't plan an abandoning my baseball team any time soon. My life will continue to bounce along the annoying potholes from the Laredo streets. Still, in the back of my mind, I feel that something is about to happen. I'm 31 years old and I love my daughter. However, unlike Ray Kinsella I'm not hearing any voices, yet I just know that my dreams are on the horizon. Believing that is the crazy part.

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