Monday, August 1, 2011

Nada que Ver (NQV) Video of the week, part.2

At every boda, quincenera or pachanga that I have ever attended in this city, there has been at least one obligatory Fito Olivares song. It never fails. Every single party I've ever been to in Laredo*. Worse, it usually comes on after everyone has had one too many Schaeffer Lights, and everyone thinks they've turned into John Travolta on the dancefloor.

I must include myself in this sad, sad bunch. I'm a horrible two-left feet dancer, but Fito Olivares has a way of putting hot coals under my feet and I begin to move with the grace of a 100 swans.

"Yo tengo un caballito que sabe bailar y mueve sus patitas al ritmo compas. Yo tengo un caballito que sabe bailer, igual que los caballos de Tony Aguilar."

Those are the lyrics to "Mi Caballito" by Fito Olivares. Sure, they aren't the deepest songs out there and most of them can be easily discarded, like empty Schlitz cans, but they sure do make me move. A la pista de baile todos. 

(*What kind of parties am I attending, right?)

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