Pan Dulce Caper

Esta caliente! It's so hot that even a trip to the corner panaderia is a chore, something that spends too much energy. But the sugar rush you get from the sweet bread is so well worth it.

I've tried a few panaderias in my day, making it a goal to sample each bakery's best offerings. Some work well in the morning, others do not.

I tend to be partial to the West Side staple, El Mejor Pan, out on Lafayette Street, but I am not too discriminating. It's all good, right.

What I can't take is the grocery store pan. It just does not sit well. Too hard. Too bland. Just no bueno. Of course people might have a different opinion on the issue. But, I'm sure I'm right!


Que Fregados said…
El Mejor Pan... mmmmm...

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