Z-93 and other local radio

I confess that I absolutely do not listen to local radio. Other than ocassionally listening to 99.3 (especially when Mayra Marisa and Juan Charlie are on as DJ's), I avoid other stations at all costs. Mainly because radio, for the most part, has too many annoying commercials and the same 'payola' songs that get repeated over and over, l don't really tune in. I do remember, however, when I used to tune in all damn day to Energy 98.1 (especially on way back Wednesdays) and Z93. Now, 98.1 has totally changed format and z93, for some ridiculously strange reason, plays pop songs now in their regular 'tejano' format. That's just not right. It caught me off guard the other day as I was driving with a friend and we were listening to z93 on his radio. A Mazz song finished and then it was followed by Shakira. I was like, WTF! Pop music and Tejano music have no business being bundled into one format. They are inheritantly different and it just seems wrong to treat them as if they are interchangeable. But, I guess the 90s are over, and things no longer make sense. I'm glad I dont listen to the radio...


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