Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas past

Christmas 2008 was alright. I spent some good time with friends and family, but it just seemed like things were not the same from back in the day. I still think that my own personal Christmas of 1987 was the best one ever. (GIJoes, He-man toys, Transformers, an NES and a bike, heck yea) This Christmas it was just basically my immediate family and one aunt. However, in the Christmasses of the past, my entire extended family would get together usually at my Grandmother's house.
I was reminded of this by a blog entry of my internet blog crush, CindyLu. She has a blog that I have been reading on a monthly basis for over 4 years now. I have seen her grow and mature and even though I have felt like a voyeur as I read her personal entries, I admire not only her wit but also her candor and personality. So, a special thanks for my blog crush, CindyLu, and thanks for posting such a neat pic that took me back in time to my own Christmas past. Its just too bad that some things can't back go to how they were...

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