Shoes on the telephone lines

Someone please explain to me what the hell the shoes on a telephone line means. I don't get it. In any case, I saw a pair over in some 'colonia' east of Bordertown Pulga and I thought it was golden. I snapped the picture and took off because I was getting hard stares. Still, the shot was worth the risk.


Abhinav said…
Looks like it's a way to mark territory.
Don't thank me,I just looked it up on the internet after reading your post.But this reason was the most common ;)
DeLaredo said…
What! Drugs in Los Tanquecitos! No freaking way. I take offense at that comment. Jaja, Jk. I've heard that too. Its supposed to be a way of identitying where illegal substances can be purchased. But, hey, I don't know.
Jose said…
It's a gang territory mark.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Abhinav. Merry Christmas!

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