PS3 Frenzy

This was one of the videos that we featured on our old site ( and it was filmed the night before the release of the PS3 video game system. Hardcore gamers camped outside of Best Buy and Target as they awaited the doors to open so that they could purchase their system. We even got some of their insight and opinions regarding the much anticipated day. So watch and enjoy.


KeyRose said…
Do you find it difficult to upload video onto YouTube?

Or do you recommend any specific equipment to make uploading a snap?
Anonymous said…
I have a Canon HV20 and Magix Video Suite editing. I upload it as an mpg. or sometimes as an .avi. I don't find it hard at all to upload. Just keep the file to a 100mb minimum, or else it takes too long to upload to youtube's servers (at least on my slow connection).

Any other questions just ask.

KeyRose said…

What I do is I tape stuff with my Canon A460 Camera, edit it on my iMac, and then upload it. Three minutes worth of video sometimes takes me up to an hour to upload.

Thank goodness that it's not often that I have to upload content.

For TV footage, I tape it (VHS) and then transfer it to my computer using a capture card.

It's tedious but it gets the job done.

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