Sunday, December 14, 2008

The power of the blog

This just goes to show that blogging does work. See, I was visiting my parents in the south side on Saturday night when we decided to go out for some tacos. We debated just where to go exactly when I remembered that I read over at LaSanbe Blog that Tacos Ravi had opened up a new location on Market St. So, we forgo the other taco places and ventured over to Ravi because of LaSanbe's coverage. It just goes to show the power of the blog. See, there are readers out there; at the end of the day its that realization that makes it all worth it. That's why I sit in my underwear at the pc typing out silly blog entries, for I know that someone out there will read my words and take them to heart, memorize them, and engrave my words on their soul. That's what it's all about ,a que no?

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Cindy said...

You are absoultely right about the power of the blog...I will be sure to check out the new Tacos Ravi!

And furthermore, since "the blog" is such a big success...maybe you can try to bring about world peace or at least give come calming advice to us shoppers frustrated with the OVERLOAD of paisanos flooding our stores.

On one hand, I'm glad we have so many people coming over to boost the Laredo economy considering the hard times that our nation is currently facing. But on the other hand, I get frustrated that all the stores are turned upside down and NOTHING is available anymore because some Mexicano decided to buy 30 of everything to go resell it back at home.

It also irks me that they don't have to pay taxes...but that's a whole other blog topic.

Anywhoo, I digress from the topic. The power of the written word is so great that you can definately have an impact on people's lives. I would love for you to write about something that has great importance, and has the power to make me change the way I feel about something. That will be YOUR next homework assignment. (I'm on vacation and STILL assigning homework! It's what I do best!)

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