Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Poem about a toe

Three Fourths Please
J.A. Jimenez

I awoke, big toe still lingering on my foot.
The drones [in green] cut across
the dotted line. A smiley face
drawn on my leg served as a guide
so they wouldn’t miss. The buzzing of a saw
announced their task. Two orbs
of light above me warmed my ass.
I heard the drip, drip, drip,
of the morphine by my side,
and I remembered high school and the good
times I had getting high. But just like back then
 the fun ended all too soon.
A high five signaled their success
and when I looked down

there was my toe
smiling at me
from inside
a medicine cup.

1 comment:

John Jacob junior said...

That's deep. I feel your pain. Well, not literally.

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