Carne Asada

Fellow blogger, Que Fregados, featured a crazy youtube video of some guy going off on 'carne asada'. I thought it was a bit funny and decided to give the video some more play on this site. Watch it or go to Fregados blog and view the others by the same uploader. Let's make it go Laredo viral!

Check out the Laredo Parks and Rec shirt on this guy. At least he has guts. 

"Una carnita, aqui ya sabes para los youtube members, you now for keeping it totally mexican-american, latino, hispanic, border living, laredo, TX!"


Anonymous said…
wow. "si no trae sangre ya esta listo" wonder so many carne asadas I've attended serve charred meat. pero asi es...ya know
Funsters said…
I keep scratching my head trying to figure out what he's ranting about. Is he giving advise on how well the meat is supposed to be cooked or on how we "Mesicans" do our cookouts? Just when I thought he was done talking, he goes on about la hynie and and his dogs. I don't get it dude. Con mucho respeto, " What the fudge?"

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