Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pano's Bakery and Lonestar Card

Pan Dulce MMM
Pano's bid to be Laredo's best bakery seems to be well underway, and now that they have opened their 7th store, it seems that they have they have taken over the world. Personally, I prefer Quickie, La Perlita or El Mejor Pan Bakery myself, but Pano's has its moments, especially when the other bakeries are closed for the day or have run out of sweet bread.

One thing I had not noticed is that Pano's accepts Lonestar Card. Wow, must be nice to eat pan dulce on someone else's dime. Goes to show how important sweet bread is to raza.

Now, if only Mami Chula's accepted Lonestar, then that would be sweeter.

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BT Blues said...


Oh, we are talking about the bread, right?
OK, then.


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