Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amistad Nortena and Schlitz Beer

So I was invited to a carne asada the other day (ok, I'll be honest I crashed it since I'm such a freeloader) and I spotted a local conjunto doing their thing. Naturally, I busted out my digi-cam to document them on film. They told me their name was "Amistad Nortena" (jaja, love it) and they had the whole panchanga dancing and causing a storm of polvo. It was great: rancheras, carne asada, baile, compadres and Schlitz beer. To me, this in a nutshell is Laredo, apoco no?


Quiroz said...

Laredo - music city USA

LaredoBuzz.Com said...

Que Pasa Amigos!! Arriba Los Tigres Del Norte y Arriba DeLaredo.Net!

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