Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sherif the Chocolate

Ok, I'll admit something, I don't follow local politics too closely. I kept an eye on the sherrif's run-off race and the re-count, but after a while it got a bit tedious and annoying.To my understanding, the sherrif's office is for a public servant position, but the way the soap opera unfolded, you'd think it was a highschool yearbook race for "most handsome". In the end, Rick Flores lost and Martin Cuellar, Henry's bro, won the election on a judge ruling.
Now with Henry Cuellar as Laredo's Congressman and Martin Cuellar as Webb County Sherriff, that seems like too much power resting on one single family. Hum, hey I'm no politico, I had no problem with Rick, though he seemed to have lots of local detractors. I kinda liked his hats. In any case, there finally is a new sherrif in town.
It's funny, but I was driving around town and a song came on the radio that reminded me of the sherrif's race. It's this early 90's cumbia song by the grupo Bronco titled, "Sherrif de Chocolate". The song is beyond silly and I really dont know what the lyrics are talking about, but hey, im sure its one 'sweet' song. In any case, lets see how it goes with Martin and his brother Quique.

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