HEB Competion in the Southside

On Ejido St.

As we all now, HEB has an unhealthy monopoly on supermarket industry in south Texas, but one south Laredo mini-mart has taken them to task. Over by Los Presidentes, on Loop 20, there is a store that bills itself as "H-Evito" or a mini HEB. As hilarious as it may sound, the play on words is pure genius. I spotted this store as I drove around town and it made me chuckle as I drove by that I had to take a pic of it. Finally somebody out there has a sense of humor. Now, if only we could do something about the lack of competition for HEB....


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Anonymous said…
That is hilarious!! Keep up the good work driving around Laredo and taking good pics.

I moved up to San Antonio a while ago but love to hear thing about laredo (which doesnt involve zetas).

keep posting!

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