Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alfredo Santos building gets demolished

I never actually shopped at any of the Alfredo Santos grocery stores. However, my dad gets nostalgic each time we pass by where one of them used to be and he goes off in a rant about the good ol' days. Thats why this scene captures my attention. From what I can recall, there used to be an old Alfredo Santos buiding on the corner of Sanchez and Santa Maria, that was most recently used as a bodybuilding gym. However, I passed through this intersection several weeks ago and I made the startling discovery that it had been torn down. Just wait to my dad hears about this...or maybe I shouldn't tell him or else he'll go into a Laredo history lesson circa 1971! In any case, what a shame. Here is a picture of the building in 2006 and of the site just last week.

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Quiroz said...

I have vague memories of shopping at Alfredo Santos with my mom, both at the Sta. Maria and Riverdrive Mall locations.

For some reason, I recall hunting clothes and accessories from the pictured location. And the one at the mall had a tunnel entrance/exit that lead you to the parking lot. Also, I think it had a diner.

I wonder what they'll do with the cleared land now.
Please don't say apartments.

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