Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Death of Video Stores

One common theme of DeLaredo Blog has been the acknowledgment of the slow, painful death of Laredo's video stores.  I have to admit--it often brings a tear to my eye to realize that the video stores are dying.


Because I am a nostalgic at heart.

I like things to stay the same.  I fondly recall driving towards the Calton Road H.E.B. and checking out the dozens of VHS (!) tapes on the shelves of the Hollywood Video store right next door.  Then, later, as I grew older, I recall going to the many Blockbusters throughout the mighty city of Laredo, whether it be on McPherson or elsewhere.

And now there only remains a Redbox machine here, or a Redbox machine there.  It's so sad.

It's been a couple of years since the disappearance of these video stores and more.  But there are still some reminders of an era gone by out there in Laredo.  Oh, they may not have had VHS like the old days.  But, they did have DVDs.  And, more  importantly, "Exotic" View videos too.  Orale.

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