Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Phone Book Ad

I came across this ad in one of the many phone books that have been accumulating at my home in recent years.  I don't know why I'm drawn to blogging about a phone book ad that features two lawyers donning boxing gloves beyond the obvious.  Oh, yes, I know it looks kinda silly, but there really is no substance behind poking fun at something that sort of pokes fun of itself.

Still, the ad reminds me of the world of lawyerdom.  I recall a high school friend who eventually went to law school only to come back to town and rake in the big bucks.  I remember how everyone we knew in high school would sort of wince when they heard his name and the fact that he had become a lawyer.  Oh, not that lawyers as a whole are bad, but that this gentleman's personality was such that it immediately created a sense of doubt among those of us familiar with personalities and the like.

I even remember one person asking if Mr. Lawyer had an ad in the back of a phone book.  No, I answered, but give him time.

Nevertheless, if you want legal representation, let your fingers do the walking.

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