Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Store Visit

This weekend I took a walk on the "Wild Side," drifting towards the landmark looney bin staple known as Dr. Ikes.

I've been going to the place for years.  Nothing shocks me.  And, even though I no longer bear the scars of my youth and am forced to go with the ol' parents, I still go back every now and then to see the craziness for myself.  Thankfully, Dr. Ike's never disappoints.  They will have their disheveled store, their hodge-podge of items, and their annoying ads (Don Chema!)

Sure enough in my latest trip to the West Side of Laredo I got it all.  I just walked around and let it soak in.  The blaring music.  The outdated facade.  The apathetic sales staff.  The entire shopping was just like I remember it when I was 12 years old.

And then I saw the item above, a back scratcher.  Wow.  Just when I thought I couldn't find another useless item, then I see this.  But for $3.99?  Really?  Thanks, Dr. Ikes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You never know when you'll need a back scratcher, plus it can double as fork or an arm that's missing from your action figure. Don Chema's Dr Ike's will never change. The sight of overcrowded supplies, the smell of old wood, and the "superb" customer service are the things that keep me going back. "Ay, ay, ay, me gusta Dr. Ike's"

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