OMG Loteria Chicana is getting married

Sometime in 2003 I stumbled upon the blog of CindyLu over at Loteria Chicana and I fell in love with her charms and writing style. Over time, I developed a mini-internet crush on her. Today I read she is engaged and I was like-OMG-it cant be.It's not like I know her in person or anything, I'm just a casual reader with a crush for her wits. We wish her the best and a sincere congrats to her and her beloved. I'm going to go cry in a dark corner now...


BT Blues said…

No me digas!!! I also followed CindyLu after you pointed her blog out.

Nice pic on the masthead by the way. It reminds me of my suegro
cindylu said…
Thanks for the well wishes! *blushes*
May that be a lesson to you: pursue your Internet (and physical) crushes no matter how far away they are.

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