Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giving up Lent

Giving up Lent
by BG

The season of Lent has returned and Laredo is once again flooded with capirotada, seafood and the silly practice of denying one-self Cheetos.

Inexplicably, for Lent, some people actually “give up” Cheetos. I’m not trying to mock someone else’s spirituality, but I have always failed to see how sacrificing such a trivial thing such as “Cheetos” could be interpreted as an act of self-denial. For the past several weeks, I have heard from friends and relatives how they have “given-up” one thing or another. Some have vowed to abstain from all sorts of things such as bread to soda pop, to red meat, and even chocolate bars.

(I’ve never fully understood why red meat is such a big no-no during Lent, while fish is seen as acceptable. Giving up red-meat, like dieting, is a luxury that not everyone can partake. But I guess it gives an economic boost to fish and seafood eateries so I will get off the topic before the good people over at El Pescador Restaurant send their goons to silence me.)

Maybe it’s just me, and maybe I’m totally wrong but is that what Christianity has come down to now? Has Lent been reduced to something as nonsensical as refusing to eat Cheetos in the vain hopes of becoming a better person?

I’m certain that quitting high sugary drinks like soda pop has its health benefits, and eating less red meat during Lent might be easier on your cholesterol, but some of us seem to have taken it to an absurd level.

My point is not to sound too pompous (too late) or self-righteous, especially since I’m not a dedicated believer and I don’t sacrifice a thing for the Lent season. However, the past several weeks I have heard from decent people that they are practicing repentance and self-denial by abstaining from a plethora of non-important foods and practices. If that makes them a better person, then great who am I to judge, right? But maybe we are going about this all wrong. There are many ways to becoming a better person and being an asset to society. However, abstaining from junk foods doesn't seem like one of 'em.

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Que Fregados said...

You point is excellent. FYI: I gave up catholicism for lent.

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