Wednesday, October 20, 2010

El Mil Usos (parte final)

One of my favorite Mexican movies is a Hector Suarez gem titled, "El Mil Usos". The acting in that movie is just superb and the storyline is fascinating and easy to follow.

The plot of the movie deals with a Mexican man from the countryside that moves to the big city (DF) in search of a job and money. After a series of misadventures and terrible luck, he hears of the opportunities to have success in the USA over with the 'gringos'. The following is the next to the final scene of this excellent movie. Special note of the great acting by the old man in the final scene. His pain just seems so real.

Also, does anyone know the name of the game that the men in the background are playing? What's it called? Also, what is it that they are drinking at the bar? It's some white, milk like substance. Just wondering.


BT Blues said...

Dude, that is most likely pulque they are drinking.

Don't you read La Sanbe? Check it out:

That is why KeyRose is behind L.M.I.B. He even included an informative video

BT Blues said...

Anonymous said...

BT Blues esta en lo correcto Es pulque ,Si mal no recuerdo estan jugando rontoy,Algo parecido a la rayuela,El propósito del juego es hacer caer una moneda sobre un pedazo de madera con un circulo calado y si esto fuera poco,esta madera sobre un resorte!puedes ver una escena mas ilustrativa en la pelicula de La Pulqueria !!

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