Several people were out by McPherson today showing their disagreement with the legality of abortion. I guesstimate there were about 60 to 75 people holding up signs that read "Abortion Kills Children". They ranged from all ages and were standing at this particular location for about an hour. IMO, its good to see that some people still stand up for what they believe. You're free to form your own opinion.


Que Fregados said…
I am all about choice - my personal choice has been no children. Why judge what another woman decides?

Shouldn't those little kids holding up signs be in school?? Their choice should be education.
KeyRose said…
I wonder how much more fanatical these people would be if we actually had an abortion clinic here.
DeLaredo said…
I thought we did have an abortion clinic in town, over by the Denny's on Sanbernardo. I thought the doctor came in from SA like twice a month or something to do the abortion procedure. At least that was the case in the early 00's. Not sure now.

I kinda like seeing Laredoans having some sort of rally, even though I might not necessarily agree with their stance on the issue, still, indifference can be devastating.
rick78 said…
It may not be indifference on Laredoan's stance on the issue . Many choose not to offend anyone. As you stated QF you choose not to bear any children that is great.It is very difficult to raise children but the natural euphoric effect that it has given me , I do not regret. I can not ever feel the pain of child birth a woman has to bear but have seen it twice to the exact second both of mine were born. I disagree on it but agree if the fetus will cause death to the woman. I thank my mother for not aborting me for I have had missed the present joy of my three grandchildren. Just remember we were all fetuses at one point. It is said that Einstein's mother decided not to abort her pregnancy . I do not publicly rally for or against any issue rather use the power of a vote which at times does not make any difference. Back to the issue at hand , remember we were all fetuses at one time !
Anonymous said…
Next time these guys need to stand in front of the would have been easier to find the clinic rather then drive around town..GAS AINT CHEAP!

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