Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Selling Out

  As I kid, I loved watching the made-for-TV movie, The Deadly Tower, based on the Charles Whitman shootings at UT back in the 60s.

 When I first watched this movie in the 80s, I missed this particular scene found above. In this scene, the hero, Ramiro Martinez, is struggling with being a Mexican-American police officer while at the same time, being true to his roots and feels inferior to his white colleagues. In the scene, he meets "Mano", a kid from the neighborhood and the scene then plays out rather strangely, something I did not pick up when I was a kid.

 Listen to the dialogue of Officer Martinez. He starts talking about 'changes' and 'working hard' instead of just complaining. Is the movie referring to the Chicano Civil Rights Movement? Is "Mano" supposed to represent the old guard, and Martinez is the new breed of Mexican-American that is committed to changes via-hard work (middle-class?) instead of just complaining (protesting)? Maybe I'm reading too much into this, or is there some sort of social commentary? You decide. Still, I enjoy this movie, and this particular scene.

BTW, "Mano" needs to have his ass kicked!


rick78 said...

Hell yes you are correct. This movie was made in the early 70's when the Chicano Movement was it's peak. Officer Ramirez became a Texas Ranger, the elite Texas Governor appointed slot, and visited Nixon High. My history teacher there in 76 made a class discussion from this movie. Ranger Ramirez later attended the FBI academy in which most high ranking law enforcement officers attend to further their qualifications. Met a chief from a local PD here in the Houston area and was very impressed with Ramirez . That chief attended the same FBI class as Ramirez did and basically that chief spoke highly of him ,Ramirez could even walk on water.

DeLaredo said...

Wow. Thanks for the extra information. Officer Ramirez was one cool cat then. He visited Nixon, sweet, that I did not know. Thanks for sharing and the history lesson.

rick78 said...

Also Ranger Ramirez came out on the cover of Texas Monthly several years ago very nice write up by TM.
Also yes instead of protesting get educated that is the great equalizer for our race. I have been called a Mexican uncle Tom for just getting along with other races but do not care just hard work ,education and perseverance is what makes one stand out . I am proud of my race and to see a Mexican American like Ranger Ramirez achieve greatness that is my shinning moment of glory.You along with Key Rose , BTB and Quefregados are educated and that is what makes me proud !

rick78 said...

Oops made a mistake it's Ramiro "Ray " Martinez instead of Ramirez excuse me, Alzheimers is setting in in my old age . It's the same hero nonetheless I was speaking of.

Que Fregados said...

Wow, Rick, I learned something too! We can't forget that we needed the "old" to get to the new - even if the approach to social change is different now.

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