Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet the Rangers (part 2: Josh Hamilton)

According to Sports Illustrated sports writer, Tom Verducci, Josh Hamilton is the best player in baseball.  Anyone that follows the Texas Rangers can easily see why that is the case. He has speed, power, and great defensive skills. He could possible be the AL MVP this year as the most important player in the league. All of this coming from someone that was out of baseball for close to four years by being a drug junkie.

As a former number one draft pick back in 1999, Hamilton, or The Natural, as he is known, signed a $4 million dollar signing bonus. He has confessed that much of that money was blown on drugs and alcohol binges. He did not return to the Bigs till 2007 and after a long road back, he is now at the height of his career. Hopefully, The Natural can lead the Rangers deep into the playoffs, and heck, into the WS. We can only dream.

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