Pinata Guy

Obligatory guy on roof, pulling rope for pinata. Good times. Good times.

You 'member pinatas. Man, I used to love whacking on that damn thing. To be completely honest with you, I still love me a good pinata every now and then. Dulces, bolsitas, palos. The best pinata sticks were those old wooden escobas your ama no longer wanted. Sweet swings, just like Albert Pujols. And the best part was that someone always got hit over the head with that damn stick, and you always hoped it would be your cousin Alex, the cousin you could never stand and always got on your nerves. You 'member.

Dale, Dale, Dale, Whack, Thump, Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Good Times. Good Times.


Best Deals said…
yeah, i will try to don't miss this opportunities.
rick78 said…
Raza ingenuity !

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