Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day in Downtown Laredo

Going downtown can be fun. One never knows what kind of fun sights can bee seen. I recently had some days off from work, so I ventured to the downtown area in search of things that put a smile on my face. My associate, Mr. Ed, accompanied me on this quest. This is what we found.

Downtown, you have to be careful not to be caught with your pants down. Apparently, these mannequins here are showcasing some 'San Francisco' style clothing, not too often seen here in Laredo, and for good reason. I'm not too sure just what was going on here, but some store downtown, must have a sense of humor. Rule #1, never be caught with your pants down, downtown. Big no, no.

Doors, they can be tricky. One false step and 'POW', right in the kisser. Notice the door in the picture above. A random door above a storefront, no staircase required. You gotta love downtown.

Times are bad! Stores are closing down left and right and downtown Laredo is being affected as well. Flexible entrepreneurs have been forced to showcase their wares on the sidewalks. These shoes look great. Too bad they didn't have my size.

Laredenses overact. We are just not ac costumed to a little cold weather. As soon as the temperatures dip beneath the 70 degrees F, people bust out the parkas. Se salen!

Gotta love downtown. So much energy, so much vibrant hustle, so many things to laugh at.
(Email me if you wanna head out with us downtown next time. )


SW Employee said...

about the mannequin maybe he was protesting that General Larry Platt song Pants on the Ground. I posted that link on my blog check it out see what u think about the blog and the link.

rick78 said...

Laredo loves the Aztec sun !

JUAN said...

Associate? You bastard!!!!

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