Sunday, June 28, 2009 goes mainstream

Congrats to my colleagues at and Laredospeaks among others for their frontpage publicity in the Laredo Morning Times' article on local blogs. Keyrose, of, has gone mainstream. Next month you will see him on the cover of GQ and RollingStone. He has hit the bigtime like George Jefferson. In all seriousness, sweet bread! I'm glad that the hard work of the local bloggers is getting noticed.

Keyrose and others were present at the screening of 80's movie, Eddie Macon's Run, over at Candela's Restuarant, this past Saturday. Due to urgent business matters, I was unable to be present, however, I heard the turnout was really good. Next time we have another screening I hope to be there for sure. I'll take a 12 pack of Schlitz. Any ideas for another Blogger's event?? I'm open to suggestions (I'm also open to donations jejeje.)


BT Bles said...

Yes, we will one day hear about KeyRose on E!'s "True Hollywood" specials: "The Rise and Fall of a Blogger: KeyRose and the Downward Spiral"

Heh heh.

It is cool the LMT did that article.

Muy Taco Bueno.

You too, DL

KeyRose said...

I was so proud of myself when I read the story in the LMT yesterday that I went out and got myself a red Ford Focus coupe at Easy Auto Credit.

The world was my oyster and I was taking all the red lights down Saunders.

From this point on, I'm taking life by the horns. Yeah, I'm going mainstream, but I'm doing it on my own terms. And you know what that means - NO SEATBELT!

My only fear will be that my newfound bravado will hurt my blogging responsibilities, and soon thereafter, I'll take to the bottle, or Tall Boy, as it were.

Give it a month and I'll be found hunched over the wheel of my car, passed out from an all-night bender. At sunrise, one of Laredo's Finest will take me into custody.

And as I'm telling the cop to "kiss my ass!" Univision will be there to shoot Exclusive Video.

The car will be worth nothing because the floorboard has been waterlogged with Natural Light, and the goat (don't ask) found in the back seat totally thrashed the upholstery.

I'll do a brief stint in stir; occupying my time by writing letters to the governor, asking for an early release. Blogging at this point is non-existent due to the fact that I have no access to WiFi.

I'll come out a broken man. A lesser man. With nothing, and nobody to call my own, except for a beaten up old coupe that's actually a hatchback.

The man and the car, at one point had their moment in the sun; all undone by arrogance, and short-sightedness.

A tiny flower creeping up from the pavement gives our hero hope. But he knows it'll never be the same.

BTB said...

Ha! Now THAT worth a blog post in itself.

But, if I may, let me offer a few corrections:

*Ford Focus coupe WITH Neon lights and custom rims at Easy Auto Credit.

*Forget the Tall Boys, it is all 40s for you, my friend.

*Yeah, you will be found hunched over the steering wheel, but no mention is made as to who was found in the passenger seat. Yes, one of Laredo's finest "street walkers" who, in fact, owned the goat you mentioned that was stashed in the back seat.

*And, as you are taken in, not only will you be yelling: "Kiss My Ass," but also screaming at the top of your lungs, "Don't you know who I am?!?"

*Likely you will not waste time with Gov. Perry, you will direct your letter writing campaign to Mayor Salinas, who, in turn, will tear them up after he remembers the less than flattering blog posts you authored.

*Finally, forget the old coupe waiting for you after doing time. It is bike time for you, Mr. Blogger.

By the time you reemerge, De Laredo will be the next victim. He is too arrogant to use La Sanbe's downfall as a cautionary tale...

KeyRose said...

"Don't you know who I am?!?"


I will ruin you with my quips and comments; don't make me do it!!!!

I'll have the LMT all up on your ass!!!

The law's on my side!!!

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