Lapis or Lapiz

Over on the north side in the Tiarra Subdivision is a street that inexplicably changes spelling from one corner to the other. The street goes from Lapis Ln. to Lapiz Ln. for no apparent reason. Does the name of the street change, or is it just a simply misspelling of the word? I vote for the latter. We all know Laredoans can't spell.


Cindy said…
Good catch DELAREDO. Someone has a lot of time on his hands! I mean...good investigative work, son!
BT Blues said…
Dude, what are you doing in the North Side?

Did they call the cops on you, man?
DeLaredo said…
I can't take credit here Cindy. It was actually Mr. Ed Light that pointed this one out for me. So, credit him for this Laredo spelling gem. And, well BT, no cops were after me, but security did come by to escort me all the way down to Guadalupe Av. They told me to stay on my side of the city.

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