Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laredo Broncos Baseball

*Correction* (thanks for my new "Editor")

According to their website, opening day at Veteran's Field for the Laredo Broncos will be on Monday the 15th of June at 7pm. Hopefully some of us can make it out to the ballgame. If I make it out, I will surely post some pics and comments before the weekend.

On another note, here are some comments I found online by a baseball follower that has an annual roadtrip and goes from town to town watching independent baseball teams. Here is what he had to say. His comments are more about Veterans Field than the Broncos team.

Disclaimer: These comments and opinions are not my own.

Veterans Field, and the team playing there in 2007, epitomize the often negative attitude some fans have toward independent baseball.
On the day I showed up for a 7:30 game, the start was not until 8:20 because the ground crew had failed to cover the field with even the small mound and plate tarps when a sudden rainstorm came through in mid-afternoon. Field maintenance pushed the start back by nearly an hour, and then both pitchers complained about the mound as the game went on, resulting in further delays.
The Laredo Broncos failed to provide a line-up board. An attempt to buy a program resulted in no visiting team roster and an outdated home team roster. The public address system was clear for music, but the microphone was muffled, so announcements, such as they are, were difficult to decipher.
On top of that, the stadium is nothing great. There is one main grandstand, set far back from the playing field, with seven rows of �box seats� in front of it. Aluminum grandstands flank the main stand. The view of the game isn�t horrible, but it would be improved if the grandstand were closer to the field.
Finally, when I went to complain about the lack of consideration for the true baseball fan, the person I spoke with concluded the conversation with, "I hope you enjoy the show." Excuse me, sir, but I didn't come for the show, I came for a baseball game.
This was by far the worst baseball experience of my annual road trip in 2007.

Ouch! Eso duele. Be back soon with more on the Broncos.
Ouch! That hurts.


Vero said...

Tonight's game is in Edinburg; first home game is Monday, June 15 vs San Angelo Colts.

delaredo said...

Thanks for the clarification on that one. Now I have to drive down all the way to the Valley to watch them play. Great.

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