Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chalu Burgers

No one will ever confuse me with a Laredo historian. I can't seem to recall anything pre-Betty Flores days.

One thing I get asked often by friends and relatives is, "Hey DeLaredo, you 'member the Playmore right? That place was awesome?".

To which I snap my reply, "I have no bugging clue about the Playmore, or Roxy's, or Wimpys or the freaking Royal. So leave me alone!" That usually  drives them off and they stop asking me questions.

Soooo..it's no great surprise that I have never heard of Chalu's Burgers. You see, I was doing some gift shopping over at the pulga when I came across a neat coffee mug.

CHALU Burger? Chale, I've never heard of that. Maybe some of you out there can enlighten me as to when and where this place existed. Perhaps preeminent historian Keyrose can use his keen insight and tell us more about this local burger shrine that is no more.

How can a place exist in Laredo for 30 years and I not heard of it at all? It goes to show you once again what a bad Laredoan I am.

Burgers from the past


KeyRose said...

The name does not ring a bell. And the mug doesn't count as vintage since it has the 956 area code, instead of the old 512.

Thanks for considering me a historian.

DeLaredo said...

There I go getting schooled by Keyrose. Print me diploma for I wish to graduate from the school of Sanbe

Anonymous said...

Chalu Burger - one of the 1st places I went to chow when I moved to Laredo. Tonos was actually the 1st. The site still exists but not sure if it's still open since the gas station is now closed. All I can say is YUMMY! Que Fregados

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