Thursday, January 3, 2013

Walking through Laredo

Some of you might have noticed that recently my blogging output has slowed down to a trickle. That is due to several factors with the major reason being that I have recently moved from one residence to another. Because of the move, most of my time has been absorbed in that transition. Now that I am beginning to be firmly settled down once again, I can begin to sit down and blog about my city like I have for the past three years.

However, it was during this move to my new "home" that I came across something that once meant the world to me: my Sony Walkman with MegaBass.

similar to my trusty Walkman, but in better condition
 You see, back in the late 80s and through out the 90s, whenever I would jog or run through the dangerous streets of south Laredo, my trusty Walkman was always hanging off my belt clip, like a can of police-issued mace. Also with me I carried various music tapes, usually the home recorded-off the radio variety. I loved my Walkman and off course I took it to school for boring French class with Mr. Jacobs, rocked it on Saturdays at the old RiverDrive Mall, and carried it with me on the rare Sundays that my primos took me cruising to La Sanber (er Sanbe to some).

Sometime in the late 1999, I lost track of my battery draining Walkman and it did not resurface until 2009. I was at my parent's house going through an old box of mine when I spotted my closest friend since the time of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. Time was not kind on my trusty Walkman, but after putting in fresh batteries and sliding in my old copy Grupo Mazz's "No te Olvidare", the Megabass shook my body, like a visit from Monica Lewinsky.

I slapped on my warm-ups, grabbed my Walkman and trotted out into the stray-dog filled south Laredo night, as if the the past decade had never happened.

I just now this is going to be a great new year, even if it's not 1995.

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