Friday, January 11, 2013

The Legend of Billy Jean (movie)

    Growing up, we hardly ever had HBO. Come to think of it, regular cable was a luxury hard to come by as well. However, every now and then, HBO would offer those free weekend promotions where they featured their programming in an attempt to sucker people into subscribing

It was on one of those magical Saturday mornings, when my older brother and I, lounging around the house and having the time of our lives watching  the movie "The Legend of Billy Jean", made one of the most important discoveries of our then-young lives; the movie actually mentioned "Laredo"!

"What about that school in Laredo? Did you burn it down?"

You might have seen this movie 1,000 times back in the day, and to be completely honest, one of the only reasons to ever watch this movie is not only for to cool pop 80s soundtrack, but also for the cool way that Laredo is briefly mentioned in the film.

Supposedly, many scenes from the movie where filmed in and around the Corpus Christi area, and every now and then I still get a kick watching it on late night cable (yeah, I can afford cable now, Thanks Obama).

Nonetheless, if you have never enjoyed the 80s fromage that is The Legend of Billy Jean, click the YouTube link below. It's uttered at minute 59:50.

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