Sandra Cisneros in my Bed

Sandra Cisneros in my Bed
by GB

My First grown-up crush as short but sweet
Sweet, like chocolate-frosted donuts at 6am.

I fell madly in love with Sandra Cisneros.
She was a real writer y "bien cabrona y berrinchuda".
You Bring out the Mexican in Me, I first read
in 1997 and immediately fell at her feet.

For an entire week we had a torrid love affair.
I immersed myself in all her works.
She the author, I the reader.
I would take her to bed,
when I read her books before I went to sleep.

She would make me laugh, cry and even punch the wall.
I loved to taste her prose, so sweet,
as the mango on the street on which she lived.

But then, something happend.
I fell in love with Ana Castillo.
And not being one for threesomes,
I no longer read with Sandra.
And well, I guess Sandra Cisneros got upset
 Because she didn't call me anymore.


Juan said…
That's nice. You haven't updated in a while my friend. How am I supposed to keep up with current events?

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